To The Humanity Coin (HMT) Community a community governed by set regulations of the principles of humanitarian and international relations of different States; One born of humankind CONSCIENCE to help one another in kindness, love and empathy. This is a chain created by you and me, where I help solve your problem today and you solve mine tomorrow.

A blockchain community to help one another solve the basic humanity challenges. I donate a fraction of THE HUMANITY COIN {HMT} I own, as my CONSCIENCE to solve your problem and you someday help solve mine.


The Core Objectives Of HMT


A blockchain solution to solve human problems via voting and crowdfunding extensively.


Improving the world's Health standards, by initiating active models to solve health related challenges.


Maximum support to the agricultural sector to improve production of food.


Other Objectives

The HMT Community potrays the simplest sustainable Socialism through a blockchain to help solve a problem. Every member of the community is regarded as a Humanitarian regarless of the differences in race, religion, nationality and political belief.


One of our objectives is to provide credible, science-based tools to facilitate climate cleansing.


Introducing Job opportunities to tackle unemployment and global poverty.


Aquisition of skills and standard learning centers globally.

The Human Problems

Humans are faced with limited options to solve their problems and unexpected daily events are not properly insured.


Globally, every existing Human tends to have a challenge. There is always a difficulty to solve these challenges. Individuals incapacities to find help, and those with capacity to help, but do not know how and where to render help. Existing blockchain systems have been limited to these problems;

  • High transaction fees.
  • Poor support system.
  • Delayed transaction model for confirmation.
  • Less interraction amongst the adopters.
We tend to profer the below solutions.

Low Transaction Fees

Though, transaction fees are calculated from the transaction size, we tend to make the fees minute and negligible.

Improved Community Relationship

Majority of the blockchain/blockchain-related platforms ignore the core concepts of community relationships. Our relationship protocols brings the world together to one conscience, as community support and relationship is a core value.

Secure Networks & Scalability

Security of data and improvement on confirmation time to enable swift completion of transactions, making it work more like a rapid response.


The race to become a juror has began.

Juror Race Information

Juror Race Started 31st Oct 2021 00:00 EST
Juror Race Ends 31st Jan 2022 00:00 EST
Total Jurors Jurors Counting
Max Jurors 1,000,000 Jurors

Secondary Juror Race Ongoing


The Whitepaper

The cryptocurrency space has over the decade proven significant technological evolution; the blockchain technology with Bitcoin the first cryptographic open-source transaction ledger for financial solutions.

The roadmap

The Movement

The roadmap is clearly outlined, these steps are going to be followed for us to acheive our aim and objectives.

January 2019 Birth Of Idea
  • Basic research
  • Understanding Humanitarianism and its limitation
  • Intending solutions offered through the Blockchain system
March 2020 Founders Formation
  • Management and Team formation
  • Technical formation and empowerment
  • Rudimental Assignments

The Team

Thehumanitycoin (HMT) Team is Anonymous, its a group of tech enthusiasts and philantropists looking to make the world a better place, Every humanitarian is a team member.