About Us

Welcome to The Humanity Coin, HMT Community. The first blockchain crowdfunding community to help people solve simple and dire problems. The social and economic interference caused by the pandemic is catastrophic. Hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty. This is the time for global solidarity and support from you and I to tackle the rippling effect of the pandemic. When we envision the future of the world, we plan to tackle the environmental degradation, climate change and help individuals, groups and states to achieving Sustainable Development Goals.


The Project

This is a project to drawout 'what unites human beigns', 'how to unite' and 'what drives Humanity', by creating a democratic charitable community of Humanitarians/Philanthropists to help one another solve the basic human challenges individually and collectively, in alignment with the Humanitarian principles and the international laws that binds States. The community is devoid of characteristics impeding the human race from good morality, humanness and sentiments of right living.


Thehumanitycoin is a community governed by set regulations of the principles of humanitarian and international relations of different States; One born of humankind CONSCIENCE to help one another in kindness, love and empathy. This is a chain created by you and me, where I help solve your problem today and you solve mine tomorrow.

The Technology

A blockchain community that uses smart contracts to help one another solve the basic humanity challenges. I donate a fraction of THE HUMANITY COIN {HMT} I own, as my CONSCIENCE to solve your problem and you someday help solve mine. 1 HMT is made up of 100,000,000 (One Hundred Million) CONSCIENCEs is spent from a HD wallet through donation(s) for HMTP, the Humanity coin token reward, a token that opens eligibility for posting a problem to be solved by the community.

A Juror

With a minimum of 20 USD, you will be commissioned a JUROR; a unique Badged Humanitarian who democratically vote his/her conscience to solve a problem. An act of humankind love rendered with good conscience bounces around like a ball, and at a time passed back to you in kindness. This fraction of Humanity; a thoughtful CONSCIENCE is all we need to live on.

Our Mission

The HMT Community potrays the simplest sustainable Socialism through a blockchain to help solve a problem. Every member of the community is regarded as a Humanitarian regarless of the differences in race, religion, nationality and political belief. Humanitarians offer unique help in form of the human Conscience of good morality. The different assignments of users categories a member as an Ambassador, a Juror, or a Humanitarian, which together perform interrelated functions.